Army’s Aviation and Missile Command responds to question about Letterkenny’s sequestration

The command organization to Letterkenny Army Depot, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command in Alabama, is planning for the possible financial impact from a continuing resolution for the current fiscal year and sequestration.

Public Opinion reported Wednesday that the depot here would be affected by sequestration – layoffs, hiring freezes and the reduction of work that is not mission-critical.

In response to questions from Public Opinion about the potential effects, AMCOM spokesman Daniel Oboyle released the following statement on Wednesday:

“The Department of the Army has directed the Army Materiel Command, and by extension, the Aviation and Missile Command, to conduct detailed planning to cancel third and fourth quarter depot maintenance and reset orders and contracts that do not directly support units deployed to a theater or entering the Army Force Generation available pool. We are conducting that detailed planning now and will provide the Department our assessment of the impacts if Army equipment is not inducted for reset in the final two quarters of this fiscal year.

“Depot level maintenance includes the repair, fabrication, manufacture, rebuilding, assembly overhaul, modification, refurbishment, rebuilding, test, analysis, repair-process design, in-service engineering, upgrade, painting and disposal of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, software, components, or end items that require shop facilities, tooling, support equipment, and personnel of higher technical skills, or processes beyond the organizational level capability. Army Materiel Command depots providing these capabilities include Anniston Army Depot, Corpus Christi Army Depot, Letterkenny Army Depot, Red River Army Depot and Tobyhanna Army Depot.

“The Army Materiel Command is working diligently with Department of the Army to provide guidance to our depots and arsenals, to mitigate the impact to the soldiers and other services we support, and to take care of our valued AMC workforce. As we work through more detailed analysis with our commands and consider multiple potential outcomes, we will be able to provide more information to all those impacted by proposed cuts. AMC is committed to providing the best advice and support to sustain Army readiness. Reduced depot maintenance funding will delay our efforts to reset Army equipment which contributes significantly to Army readiness.”