About Us

FCADC strives to create an atmosphere that nourishes planned growth and family sustainable employment opportunities. This strategy includes the retention and expansion of existing employers, the selective attraction of new businesses, and assisting with the start-up of new businesses.

Mission Statement

The FCADC is charged with formulating, implementing, and promoting a comprehensive countywide economic development strategy. The Corporation strives to create an atmosphere that nourishes planned growth and family sustainable employment opportunities.


Created in 1960, the FCADC is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit corporation. We are a model private-public partnership with a proven record of success. Since 1986, the FCADC has successfully facilitated more than 745 projects throughout Franklin County. Those projects have resulted in more than $1.88 Billion in capital expenditures and have created/retained more than 48,000 jobs.

The FCADC concentrates its efforts in three primary areas:

  • Business Retention/Expansion – The retention and expansion of existing companies is the cornerstone to any successful economic development strategy. The FCADC staff spends approximately 90% of its time and resources assisting Franklin County firms.
  • Selective Attraction of New Businesses – The attraction of new industries is intended to diversify and strengthen the local economy.
  • Start-Up of New Businesses – The Corporation spends considerable time assisting individuals considering business start-ups. The staff is well acquainted with resources and programs that lower the costs of initiating and operating a successful enterprise.

FCADC Services

In carrying out its mission, the FCADC offers a myriad of service, including (but not limited to):

Site Location

The Corporation has developed and maintains a comprehensive inventory of industrial sites and buildings throughout the County. A major function is to match a potential user with the appropriate real estate. A “can do” attitude often results in the successful adaptation of sites or buildings to uses, which are not readily apparent.

Government Financing

The FCADC markets, packages, and administers several low-interest loan programs of the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development and the Small Business Administration. The Corporation recently secured funding from the Economic Development Administration to create its own Revolving Loan Fund (RLF). The staff takes a “hands-on” approach in assisting the borrower through the application process. This approach has resulted in a 100% success rate for application approvals.


Directly or indirectly, economic development affects everyone. Without widespread public support, the type of public/private partnership essential to economic growth cannot take place. The Corporation often serves as a neutral facilitator in bringing together diverse interests seeking a common goal.


The Corporation maintains an effective working relationship with the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, the Governor’s Action Team, and those public utilities active in economic development.

Government Affairs

The FCADC is a leading advocate on issues and legislation affecting economic development.