Franklin County has an ever expanding and diversified workforce that is highly skilled and dependable and features an extremely strong work ethic, with very low private sector unionization rates.

Additionally, Franklin County’s strategic location is convenient to attracting skilled workers from the Quad-State Region of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and other counties in South Central, PA. Together, the region boasts a civilian labor force of more than 400,000 highly skilled and dependable workers within 40 miles of the heart of Franklin County.

Sector % Total Employment Franklin County
Manufacturing 16%
Transportation and Warehousing 11%
Education/Healthcare 16%
Financial Services 3%
Retail/Wholesale/Hospitality 23%
Business/Professional Services 13%
Government Administration 15%
Construction 3%
*  subject to change
Source: United State Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Mid-Atlantic Information Office and PA Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workforce Information and Analysis, Workforce Information News Release Chambersburg-Waynesboro Metropolitan Statistical Area, April 26, 2016


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Employment is approximate, Prepared by the FCADC, January 2016